Global Directory
As part of our collective work creating a platform and ecosystem that supports an inclusive digital future with gender equality at its core.

Data Science Lead, FreeNow; Associate, Outsight International

Assistant Professor, Statistics & Data Science; Co-Founder, Yale’s Computation and Society Initiative

Full time professor

Executive Director, Centro Latam Digital (CLD)

Researcher, American University in Cairo, School of Busines

Chief Data Scientist at DataPop Alliance

Senior Researcher, Citizen Lab, University of Toronto

CEO, Faliero Attorneys; PhD, Personal Data Protection

Associate Professor, Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica.

Executive Director, IT for Change

Directress, DataGénero

Co-founder Platform Observatory; Creator Código Doméstico in the flesh; Fairwork Advisory Board

Researcher, CONICET; Professor, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba

Adjunct Researcher, Universidad de Buenos Aires-CONICET

Directress, DataGénero

Assistant Professor, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Associate Professor, Chulalongkorn University

Assistant Professorial Lecturer, De La Salle University

Gender & Digital Research Manager, World Wide Web Foundation; 2019 Mozilla Tech Policy Fellow

Senior Advocacy Officer, Niyel

Professor and Director of the Center for Science, Technology, and Society

Senior scientist of the CNRS and a member of the DataBase group LIRIS. She is a regular member of the Mexican Academia of Computing (AMEXCOMP).

Director of the Eon Resilience Lab