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Soraj Hongladarom

Ethical implications of technology and problems arising from enmeshing technology and culture

About the work

My research in this area focuses on the cultural implications of AI, as well as on how religions could provide a basis for insights for a sound ethical consideration of the technology. For example, I have completed a book on ethics for AI and robotics from a Buddhist perspective. Central to this insight is the idea of equality, relationality, and inclusiveness, which fit wwell with feminist AI.


My work is more theoretical. It aims at achieving a more thorough understanding of how AI could be designed in such a way that promotes the set of values that we believe to be key to a better world. As a philosopher, my role is to look at things from a more detached perspective, trying to find meanings. This means specifically that I offer perhaps new ways of looking at things, which translates into more concrete and specific policies later on.