We believe that now is the time to connect the work feminist researchers envision for an inclusive and thriving future.

The global f<a+i>r network is rooted in our <A+> Alliance sister networks in Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa, South East Asia, and the AI4D Africa Gender & Inclusion Innovation Lab, also including allies in the Northern hemisphere. 

All of these organizations are working together to strengthen the capacity of regional actors, build a field of inter and intra-regional multidisciplinary teams, deepen the understanding of each region’s distinctive needs, leverage learning on collective solutions, and nurture the roots of Feminist AI in the global south, entwining it in the global north as well.

The network is one of the first of its kind to support research seeking to address holistic policy, practice, and innovation. and we invite innovators, like-minded governments and others to join our emerging coalition as the work begins in earnest – particularly those in low and middle-income countries who want to explore the positive potential of artificial intelligence in advancing gender equality.

World of f<A+I>r

Our regional hubs

East Asia

Latin America & Caribbean

Our work

Our goal is to debate, discuss and create new models and new ways of thinking about and creating feminist AI systems, harnessed to deliver equality outcomes, designed with inclusion at the core, for creating new opportunities and proactive, innovative correction of inequities.

  • Prototyping the most promising f<a+i>r research hypotheses for proof of concept using design justice principles, widening boundary partnerships to include communities, academics, activists, technologists.
  • Piloting the most effective prototypes with new public and private sector partnerships that actively innovate and correct for historic inequities.
Global conversations take advantage of the opportunity to not only address bias, but rethink how we prototype and pilot applied AI research + solutions to ensure that the technology meets the needs of women and girls in vulnerable communities.

Featured papers

Data Genero | Argentina

The lack of transparency in the judicial treatment of gender-based violence (GBV) against women and LGBTIQ+ people in Latin America result in low report levels, mistrust in the justice system, and thus, reduced access to justice. To address this pressing issue before GBV cases become feminicides, AymurAI in prototype with Buenos Aires Criminal Court 10 will open the data from legal rulings as a step towards a feminist judiciary reform. The project  identifies the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) models to generate and maintain anonymised datasets for understanding GBV, supporting policy making, and further fueling feminist collectives’ campaigns. 

Derechos Digitales | Chile

A practical approach, with a feminist perspective and located in Latin America, to the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) asking if  it is possible to develop AI that does not reproduce logics of oppression.  

Workshops will explore deepening of the basic guide of questions from the initial paper, and practices for development with projects actively in development.