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Marwa Sharafeldin

Muslim family law reform worldwide, through producing knowledge & building capacity and outreach.

About the work

In many Muslim societies and communities, family laws and practices are based on religion. A lot of these laws discriminate against women because they are based on human patriarchal understandings of divine texts. We work on promoting gender equality in Muslim settings through law and practice by producing alternative feminist knowledge, using feminist methodologies in the production of knowledge on religion, and in our advocacy campaigns for change. AI research and technology builds on what is already present in the current situation of women worldwide, we have seen how AI easily reflects the biases already present in societies, which in Muslim contexts are quite rampant. We work on rectifying these biases in law and practice, so when AI technologies are created within and for Muslim communities, gender equality becomes a part of the process.


Our work is transformative, as we provide new knowledge, arguments, and follow it up with advocacy campaigns to reform gender discriminatory laws and practices in Muslim settings. We provide alternative feminist knowledge based on Islamic teachings, international human rights standards, constitutional guarantees of equality, and the lived realities of women and men. We bring in the voices of women living in Muslim settings in the process of knowledge production and law reform. This will feed into any AI efforts that aim to be more gender inclusive and relevant to all sectors and populations, not just those who occupy privileged powerful positions.