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Caitlin Bentley

Researcher investigating how AI-enabled systems can be safely, ethically, and sustainably scaled.

About the work

At the 3A Institute, I assisted in the development of a new branch of engineering through curriculum development and teaching of the 3Ai Master of Applied Cybernetics — a programme co-designed with diverse professionals and adopting gender-inclusive, decolonial and feminist practices and values at its core. We also contributed to gender-inclusive smart city policy debates in the Asia-Pacific region. Currently, I am working with the Women Reclaiming AI collective, an initiative to reclaim voice assistant technologies through feminist collaborative writing. We are examining how to scale the initiative globally online. All of these work areas are related to increasing participatory democratic processes, responsive accountability, and gender justice in AI technology development and practice. I am particularly interested in how intersectional feminism can be applied in practice at a systems level.


As AI is increasingly implemented into machines and autonomous systems, connected to wider systems, like municipal infrastructure, governance, financial or retail systems, and when all this data is connected and used to deliver decision-making about where individuals can go, what they can do, and why, we need to address the risks involved for particular marginalised and vulnerable populations. Through education, and building a new generation of practitioners capable of understanding and engaging in AI-enabled systems at scale, we hope to tackle inequality and gender bias in AI systems globally, by bringing in new voices, and creating a new body of knowledge. The Women Reclaiming AI project is one application where we can uncover what it means to take feminist AI ethically to scale.