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Caitlin Bentley

Researcher investigating how AI-enabled systems can be safely, ethically, and sustainably scaled.

About the work

Dr Caitlin Bentley is a lecturer in AI Education at King’s College London. She is a member of the UKRI Responsible AI UK Delivery Team and co-lead for the Skills Programme. She is also a co-director of the UKRI Safe and Trusted AI Centre for Doctoral Training and the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training on Advanced Engineering for Personalised Surgery & Intervention. Caitlin’s education scholarship focuses on responsible AI education and intersectional approaches to the design and development of data and AI-enabled systems. Previously, Caitlin contributed to the development of the world’s first graduate programme on safe, responsible and sustainable AI at the Australian National University’s 3A Institute, now the School of Cybernetics.


Caitlin hopes to impact on her students to take a critical reflective approach to the design and deployment of AI so that it is safe, is equitable in its effects, and is beneficial for society. Caitlin has also contributed to international policy on intersectional approaches to data in collaboration with the Inclusive Data Charter. She is currently a member of the ImarEST special interest group on maritime autonomous systems and leads on the ethics and safety sub-theme to address safety and inclusion within international maritime regulations.