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Tigist Shewarega Hussen

Feminist Internet Research Network (FIRN)

About the work

Our key area of research focuses on feminist critical intake in relation to artificial intelligence, although this area of study is recently emerging and has not yet reached a point of sophisticated understanding, research has shown how much AI is deeply entrenched in the fabric of our racist, sexist, and heteronormative social values that contribute to the formation of biased digital technology that inhibits women, gender diverse and queer people from equally accessing the potential benefits of these platforms. The work-in-progress outcomes of our research projects, particularly in this area are exhibiting key knowledge gaps. This includes – (a) limited research on AI and marginalised communities; (b) the field of AI and gender related research is not sufficiently developed and interconnected; and (c) research ethics, methodological principles and tools in AI research seem to be insensitive to gender inequalities and diversities.


The research output of FIRN projects have indicated 3 major interventions that are needed in AI (a) specificity and intersectional feminist analyses in AI research; (b) rethinking research agendas that focus on AI technological innovations in connection to overlooked power structures and dynamics; (c) policy briefs on relevant issues in relation to AI and gender that are accessible to policy actors for implementation.