We are at a critical turning point. In order to innovate and thrive in a rapidly changing global environment, new norms are needed.

Call to action

We can either seize the moment to correct bias in the digital realm, as we tackle bias in the analog world, or condemn ourselves to old bias baked into the future century of Algorithmic Decision-Making (ADM) that is trained by machine learning on biased data sets.

The f<A+I>r Network

F< a+I >r, the Feminist AI Research Network is dedicated to thinking about and creating the future we want to see.

In discussion through our global network, through our Hubs in Latin America & the Caribbean, Middle East & North Africa, and South East Asia, through our Incubating Feminist AI project with its paper to prototype to pilot methodology, we are exploring new models and new ways of conceiving AI that correct for historic inequities and bring pro-social programs and policy fit for the 21st century. F<a+i>r looks beyond ‘leaving no one behind’ to a world where we bring everyone forward, and the creativity and brilliance of the world’s largest untapped intellectual resources are enabled to influence, design and build worlds that we all deserve to live in.

News & Events

Join us for our upcoming webinar on Global tfGBV: Feminist AI Solutions on Technology Facilitated Gender Based Violence across the globe

We’re excited to share our latest webinar on Global tfGBV: Feminist AI Solutions on Technology Facilitated gender based violence across the globeThe webinar will be held on December 14th, 3:30-5:00 pm GMT+2.

Join us in conversation with experts across the f<a+i>r network hubs in LAC, MENA & SEA

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Join us on the journey and help build a digital future where everyone thrives. Help create true gender equality and democracy for both women and men, now.