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Neema Iyer

We work at the intersection of data, design and technology.

About the work

We bring a creative approach to emerging topics such as AI, data privacy & misinformation through our research, artwork, games and convenings. We primarily work in sub-Saharan Africa and aim to contextualize these topics to the unique needs, opportunities and challenges of Africans. Our focus currently lies on conducting feminist research and using art to disseminate the information. We recently completed a 5 country study on online gender-based violence, considering the lived experiences of women in sub-Saharan African countries. We developed a choose-your-own-adventure style game to showcase the impact of AI on misinformation.


The aim of our work is to bring to the forefront the urgency of re-thinking AI and the impact it could have on our digital lives and futures, through a feminist lens. A bulk of the development, research and advocacy in these topics occurs in the Western/Northern world and African countries have little say in how these emerging technologies affect them. We want to amplify these discussions and shift power imbalances in how AI is conceptualized and who it ultimately impacts.