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Nadine Weheba

Digital Technologies and Inclusive Development, Political Economy of Development and AI and Inclusion.

About the work

My research interests are in the political economy of new technologies, innovation, and development. I am interested in how to make new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, inclusive of women in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). I am engaged in empirical, policy-oriented research on the multifaceted inequalities women face in the region’s digital economy. I work on bringing feminist voices and perspectives to academic and policy debates on MENA’s digital economy.


I hope that research I am engaged in brings more visibility to women’s realities in MENA’s digital economy and impacts policy change to their benefit, inclusive of highlighting how technologies can be harnessed for inclusion despite existing challenges. Our work at A2K4D involves growing, and connecting a multi-disciplinary community of feminist techies, social scientists, lawyers, partitioners to work together on harnessing new technologies for inclusion and impacting policies in this area.