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Mei Lin Fung

Building Resilient Communities and the Digital Trade and Value Chains that support them

About the work

We envision a people-centered sustainable future where digital systems serve people, communities, and the planet. We partner to build resilient communities enabled by digital infrastructure and ecosystems, informed by local priorities and goals. We promote connectivity, fight disinformation, add to the discussion about technology ethics, support the development of people-centered applications and initiatives, advise policymakers, and leverage technology to help communities be more resilient.


We work with 4 Native American Tribes to extend the opportunities afforded by internet access. We wrote the Digital Recovery Plan for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria and Irma in 2018 and work with the 10,000 volunteer strong network Echar Pa’lante to build an enterprising island, rallying partners from around the world to be engaged in creating a green digital trading value chain which allows for participation by all. We work on gender mainstreaming with the ITU.