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Luciana Benotti

I am a researcher in the area of Natural Language Processing. I investigate how to model context computationally in multimodal communication.

About the work

Luciana is the elected chair of the North American Association in Computational Linguistics. Natural language processing is one of the biggest areas of Artificial Intelligence. It has seen great technical progress in the last decade and it is impacting daily lives through tools such as Google search, translation, recommendation systems, etc. I investigate how technologies based on large language models exhibit biases that are harmful to historically marginalized groups: women, Latin-Americans, native people, poor people, etc. Luciana is a member of the Bias Diagnosis and Mitigation from Latin America from “Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina and CONICET”, Paper Cohort 2021.


I work on technical tools for exploring, visualizing and mitigating harmful biases in language technologies. I also have a very active role promoting real diversity and inclusion with a focus in the global south in the Global Association for Computational Linguistics that groups more than five thousand researchers in Natural Language Processing in the world from the most powerful technological companies and universities.