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Laura Alonso Alemany

Natural Language Processing, integrating data-driven findings with linguistic insights, focus on non-English languages and regional applications.

About the work

Laura focuses on allowing people to understand how data-based solutions work, specifically those related to automatic language processing. Laura helps people shape their needs into research lines and devise plans of action by facilitating access to language technologies that may help in those plans of action. Additionally, Laura encourages clients to recognize and inspect the applications they encounter across their everyday life. Laura gives her clients methods and techniques to influence the behaviour of data-based processes and expose them if necessary. Which allows them to understand how these systems may influence their lives. Laura is a member of the Bias Diagnosis and Mitigation from Latin America from Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina, Paper Cohort 2021.


Language technologies, especially data-driven approaches, are useful to inspect texts and discover underlying phenomena in them. Understanding how these technologies work can help to detect potentials, shortcomings and even misbehaviour. They provide solutions to a wide range of needs.