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Johanna Caterina Faliero

Promote representation & seek equality where gender is not a determining factor in loss of freedom

About the work

PhD in Law with Distinguished Doctoral Thesis in Personal Data Protection from the University of Buenos Aires, focused on Information Technology Law, Internet, Data Privacy and Data Protection. Lawyer, Professor, Researcher and International Consultant, Adviser and Specialized Legal Representative for Argentina, LATAM, Caribbean and EU. Director of the Postgraduate Program in “Data Governance, Data Compliance, Infosec & Cybersecurity” Faculty of Law UBA. Author of 5 books on related topics.


We must move towards the systematic implementation of dynamic impact study plans in matters of personal data, which not only contemplate the privacy and data protection aspects, but also the security of the information and its cybersecurity, as well as the dynamic audit on algorithmic transparency and its explicability. We have to accomplish a transparent scheme with gender perspective.