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Joana Varon

Expose and redress the power imbalances built into technology and its application.

About the work

My work, which is also collective work, is focused on bringing Latin American perspectives and fostering transfeminist alliances to build feminist frameworks that are able to expose how AI projects might help maintain the status quo, and envision alternatives that are able to question the matrix of domination (capitalism, heteropatriarchy, white supremacy and colonialism). The main projects I am co-developing are, “The Oracle for Transfeminist Futures” and “Decolonising AI: A Transfeminist Approach to Data and Social Justice”, which are continuations of previous research, “Consent to our Data Bodies: Lessons from Feminist Theories to Enforce Data Protection”.


We need a feminist framework for AI projects in order to be able to: – provide concrete analyses and criticism of AI projects not only through Human Rights lenses, but also through assessing power relations; – avoid technosolutionism, while also envisioning alternatives in which technologies are used to help expose power asymmetries and seek the promotion of human rights and social environmental justice.