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Heather Barr

We document violations of women’s rights under international law and advocate for an end to abuses.

About the work

We are in the early stages of working on tech and women’s rights, but are very keen to engage more. Our early work includes research on digital sex crimes (non-consensual capture and sharing of intimate images) in South Korea, and how tech intersects–both abusively and helpfully–with domestic violence. We are also interested in how tech can help facilitate sexual and reproductive rights, including comprehensive sexuality education, access to abortion, pre- and post-natal care, support for marginalized youth including LGBT youth, and how tech is being used–in both good and bad ways–in the areas of girls’ education and workers’ rights.


Our goal is always to end human rights abuses. We do that by conducting research–which traditionally has been very low tech, involving interviews and notebooks, but increasingly also includes methods such as open source investigations, satellite imagery, and geo-spacial data. We use that research to document abuses, formulate recommendations, raise awareness of the abuses, and advocate for key targets to adopt our recommendations. Our key targets are most frequently national governments, but we also engage with international and regional organizations, aid providers, and companies.