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Francesca Bria

Societal control over digital tech, data, infrastructure, and the services mediated by smart tech.

About the work

I explore themes of digital innovation as they pertain to the municipal experience in Smart Cities and Digital Transformation: The Municipal Experience. The work at the Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose at UCL focuses on creative bureaucracies and innovation in economies, technology and organisations—alongside pioneer thinking around public administration and governance. At the Italian Innovation Fund we help find, nurture, and amplify ambitious and transformative projects at the cutting edge of digital innovation & sustainability. The National Innovation Fund was created to accelerate the growth of the Italian Venture Capital ecosystem and bring it, for the size of the capital invested, and for the number and quality of the operators present, to the level of the best European countries. We, of course, do this with a feminist, inclusive lens.


The thrust is to explore how societies can regain control not only over digital technology, data, and infrastructure, but also over the services that are mediated by smart technologies—such as utilities, transportation, education, and health.