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Daniel Gatica-Perez

Combining social computing and the social sciences to create applications for social good.

About the work

Daniel is a faculty member, School of Engineering (STI) and the College of Humanities (CDH), a member of the Digital Humanities Institute (DHI). Daniel’s current research interests includes: mobile crowdsourcing and social media analytics for social good, Social media, Ubiquitous computing, Crowdsourcing, Machine learning, Crowdsourcing for cities. Social video analytics, with a focus on conversational behaviour, ubiquitous computing in face-to-face interaction, analysis of ancient Maya hieroglyphic collections*.


Recent work includes: Youth Nightlife at Home: Towards a Feminist Conceptualisation of Home; Drinks & Crowds: Characterizing Alcohol Consumption through Crowd-Sensing and Social Media (as alcohol consumption in excess can lead to many adverse consequences, including violence and accidents), and multi-disciplinary SenseCityVity: Mobile Sensing, Urban Awareness, and Collective Action, a Swiss-Mexican collaborative project that seeks to engage citizens as factors of social change, through the use of mobile tech tools in improving the understanding of socio-urban problems in communities and cities. It has been developed by a group of specialists in information technologies, psychology, media, urbanism and the visual arts.