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Caitlin Kraft-Buchman

Systems change helping feminists gain influence in technology, economy, democracy & sustainability.

About the work

Women at the Table is focused on advancing feminist systems change by using the prism of technology, innovation & AI to exercise leverage points in technology, the economy, sustainability & democratic governance. We expose the systematic exclusion of women in defining the rules – and pinpoint strategic changes to technology & laws, regulations, and norms to achieve gender equality and strengthen democracy. We are also the co-founder & secretariat for the Alliance, and work to spotlight and support visionary feminists in order to share multiple, varied visions of women’s leadership and innovation.


New technologies offer new opportunities including the creation of genuinely new structures that require new ideas and new teams. Gender roles being removed from the real world are being hardwired into new AI & ADM with old and stereotypical conceptions and associations of gender, race & class. Innovative and inclusive thinking is necessary. This is why we are working on new models, new ways of conceiving AI & ADM that correct for historic inequities and bring social programs & policy fit for the 21st century.