Fair Prototypes: The Feminist AI Research Network Great Reveal

Meet, discuss, try, question, contribute to the three  f<a+i>r Feminist AI Research Network Prototypes developed from papers in 2022 and now built and delivered in February 2023.  Meet the activist  teams and their practical, applied, and potentially world changing  feminist creations. Help us improve, spread the word, iterate, replicate and share!  INSIDE: Data Género’s AymurAI […]

<AI & Equality> Inclusive Human Rights Frameworks for New Technologies

How can Human Rights Frameworks be the starting point for the creation of new tech & innovation?  What questions need to be asked and answered to harness the astounding capabilities of AI with its promises of dystopia or utopia?   Can Human Rights Frameworks bring us to some middle ground?

AI4D: Gender, AI, and New STEM strategies

From distance learning to gamification, what is the newest research on including girls in STEM, including Teacher Ed and Lifelong Kindergarten / Scratch for low resource environments.

AI4D: Gender & Agriculture

What are the problems? Where are the gaps? How can it help women and men in the field?

Fair Webinar: Procurement

What would open, inclusive and gender responsive AI procurement policies look like? And how could they help jumpstart a new innovation economy that finally might harness the intellectual capital of  <50% of the population?

AI4D: Gender & Climate Change

Gender Justice / Climate Justice approaches. What mitigation and adaptation strategies and innovations are needed?