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Muchiri Nyaggah

We support governments on practical evidence-informed actions against hunger, poverty & inequality.

About the work

LDRI believes AI should be human rights centric and protect & advance the rights of women and girls in Africa. LDRI’s Accountable & Inclusive Artificial Intelligence (AI:AI) program is providing practical evidence-informed insights and tools to guide public sector institutions in addressing the human capital, sustainable financing and enabling environment challenges that may hinder accountable and inclusive AI in government. This program’s key objectives are 1. Contribute to the development of standards and norms for the accountable and inclusive implementation of artificial intelligence in the public sector. 2. Provide actionable evidence-informed recommendations on the enabling environment, human capital and domestic financing to support broader ethical and inclusive design and adoption of artificial intelligence. 3. Support the emergence of research and innovation on AI for development in Africa through peer networking, fellowship programs and grants.


Our work will contribute to the adoption of feminist AI policy, norms and standards at the regional level resulting in better design, implementation and monitoring of automated decision making for resource allocation and adjudication by African governments.