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Clarissa Guevara Gomez

Automation Tools towards a Feminist Judiciary Reform in Argentina and Mexico

About the work

We are currently working on an AI tool to help criminal courts in Latin America open their data regarding gender-based violence rulings. This AI is called Aymurai, a word in Quechua that means harvest, or in Spanish, cosecha. Aymurai uses AI to generate data for public policy decision-making and to improve access to justice for victims of gender-based violence. It can recognize valuable data from a judicial resolution, turning unstructured data into structured data in a dataset.


We aim to produce a concrete digital tool to help criminal court officials extract, assess, and publish their data in an ethical and feminist way. AymurAI protects the privacy of the people involved in the judicial cases, while creating open databases that will help feminist collectives map, analyse, and understand gender-based violence. Publishing this valuable data also has the potential of exposing misogynistic patterns in legal rulings.