<A+ Global Directory>

<A+ Global Directory>

As part of our collective work creating a platform and ecosystem that supports an inclusive digital future with gender equality at its core.

  • Devangana Khokhar

    Lead Data Scientist & Strategist, ThoughtWorks & Outsight International

  • Claudio Agosti

    Director, Tracking Exposed

  • Nuria Oliver

    Commissioner for the President of the Valencian Region in Spain on AI and Data Science against CO...

  • Caitlin Kraft-Buchman

    CEO / Founder, Women at the Table; Co-Founder, <A+> Alliance

  • Francesca Bria

    President, Italian National Innovation Fund; Hon. Professor, Institute for Innovation and Public ...

  • Daniel Gatica-Perez

    Professor, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, School of Engineering, College of Humanities...

  • Caitlin Bentley

    Lecturer in AI-enabled Information Systems / Honorary Fellow, University of Sheffield iSchool / 3...

  • Namrata Primlani

    Marie Curie Research Fellow

  • Susan Leavy

    Assistant Professor of Information and Communication, University College Dublin

  • Jenny Brennan

    Researcher, Ada Lovelace Institute

  • Johanna Caterina Faliero

    CEO of Faliero Attorneys At Law & PhD in Personal Data Protection;

The <A+ Global Directory> pursues three objectives:

  • To highlight the multi-disciplinary global and diverse work going on in the Global South, North, East and West that is tackling bias in groundbreaking and creative ways.

  • To bring a broad range of experts together in a virtual space to share their research and vision, and begin a global network of collaboration with the world and one another.

  • To facilitate knowledge sharing and a platform for those interested in implementing some of the highlighted research with a view towards working to make the research and recommendations a lived reality together.


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