Who Gets to Speak? Who Gets Heard? The Deadly Data Gap: Gender, Age, Region

[email protected] and thoughtworks will present the G-app at the 2022 ECOSOC Partnership Forum 2 February 2022

Who Gets to Speak on behalf of a changing world in crisis? At this critical moment in history we see the stark divisions on who helps make the decisions that will affect the generations to come.

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Date: 2 February 2022 @ 8:00-8:50 EST

Why is it important to be quantitative about ‘Who gets to speak & heard?’ We will discuss this issue, and share a newly developed open source app - The G-app - that does just that, and is designed to measure the active participation of women and youth in international conferences capturing the proportion of time, the topics, the capacity and delegated authority women and youth speak in the conference chamber to provide concrete metrics to evaluate representation, participation and influence. We believe it is critical to highlight these figures in order to catalyze the outcome of more women and youth in leading positions corresponding to their proportion in the population. The open source G-app premiered at the Paris Peace Forum 2021 and could be used throughout the UN System and beyond.



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Register here: https://whova.com/portal/registration/ecoso_202202

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