<A+> @the UN Internet Governance Forum 2021 Day Zero

<A Global tour of Feminist AI > Who is coding it? Who is deploying it? Why is it a game-changer?

What is Feminist AI? Why do we need it? How can it help create fundamental change in economic + social inclusion and human rights? The Leaders of the Alliance took a tour of its state of development in Latin America & the Caribbean, Asia, and MENA on a panel that explored how research, policy and technology investment and intervention could open an era of unprecedented gender inclusion.

The event shared the early findings and plans of a series of initiatives around the globe, including the fr Feminist AI Research Network, the Open for Good Alliance, and Artificial Intelligence for Development in Africa AI4D, unveiling plans for using the tools of our time for targeted research, prototypes and pilots to make AI & ADM programs and technology more effective, inclusive and transformational.


Watch IGF 2021 here: <. A Global Tour of Feminist AI > Who is coding it? Who is deploying it?