<AI & Equality>: Guest lecturer at Critical Data Studies course

We are super excited for [email protected]'s Caitlin Kraft-Buchman and Sofia Kypraiou to present the <AI & Equality> Human Rights toolbox with their OHCHR collaborator Asako Hattori as Guest lecturers at the Masters Critical Data Studies course at the dh centre of UNIL and EPFL.

Why and where can algorithms produce inequality outcomes? Why and where can algorithms be gender-biased? How can a human rights-based approach be applied to computer algorithms that engage, reason about, and make decisions on people? A growing body of research shows that algorithmic bias is in play in every aspect of modern life and has substantial, far-reaching impacts on our work environments, private life and culture.

Using gender as a prism to understand a human rights framework that underscores AI, the interactive workshop focuses on what a human rights approach is, how a sociological perspective can contribute to developing practices, and the journey of data and model design, using a Jupyter notebook to work through the Pre-Processing, In-Processing and Post-Processing steps of the data life cycle. Through the workshop, we foster reflection on the stereotypes, biases and gendered roles of both women and men, with the intention of understanding what real-life constraints hinder equality in the working environments and the output of computer scientists and engineers.

The event is open to EPFL students

cartoon of man and woman standing