Join us for a full series of <A+> Algorithms 101 webinars for policymakers, technologists & activists in conversation

In October, November & December, Women At The Table & <A+> Alliance will facilitate a series of webinars on important questions in AI:

We will investigate

October 20. 16:00-17:15 CET / 10:00- 11:15 EST


on sidelines of the UN Data Forum

Where does traditional data collection go wrong? From a feminist point of view, what would inclusive data collection look like Before, During, After data is gathered? What would be a methodology to create this? How can governments (and other actors) ensure / facilitate ?

with special guests:

3 November. 16:00-17:15 CET / 10:00- 11:15 EST


on the sidelines of the Internet Governance Forum

What are the most current technical and design approaches to unbiasing algorithms? What methodologies and environments are needed to mitigate bias? What would algorithms or Automated Decision-Making systems that actively correct for bias (rather than only mitigate bias) look like?

with special guests:

17 November. 16:00-17:15 CET / 10:00- 11:15 EST


on the sidelines of the Business & Human Rights Forum

How can private and public sector AI be leveraged to ensure AI and ADM are unbiased? How can procurement be used to incentivise inclusion and influence of feminists in the conception, budgeting, design, deployment, and monitoring of AI & ADM systems?

with special guests:

1 December. 16:00-17:15 CET / 10:00- 11:15 EST


Impacts of Algorithms & Automated Decision Making in every corner of the globe

How is bias mitigated or amplified by underlying social protection assumptions, or development aid assumptions in AI / Automated Decision-Making systems? What would an Automated Decision-Making social protection system look like if designed with a feminist perspective ?

with special guests:

*Jensine Larsen, World Pulse

and others to be announced.